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“Joining the club and meeting all of you fab moms has really made me feel at home here in Castro Valley.”

 “I joined to help my toddler meet kids his age, but my husband and I have developed invaluable friendships with other parents in our neighborhood as an added bonus!” 

"I joined the CVMC 20 years ago, while pregnant with my eldest. I was working full time with no kids and then suddenly, I became a SAHM with few friends. After I joined, I met friends from playgroups and outings, many with whom, I still meet and hang out with...just without kids. Even though I'm not in the club anymore, I am thankful for all the lovely people my family was introduced to through the club."

"I didn't know any moms in Castro Valley before I joined, and I'm so glad that I did. I have made many new friends for myself and my daughter and I finally feel like I have found my community here."

"I love being in this club. Honestly it is one of the best things I have done since becoming a mother."

If you wish to learn more about what the club could offer you, meet some club members, or attend an event, please contact our membership coordinator for more info at