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Club Events

As a social club for creating community, CVMC hosts over 60 events a year.  Plus, its members plan at least that many playdates. Take a look at some of our event highlights in the slideshow!

Below you can learn more about the types of events we host.

Mom's Night Out

Calling all members and prospective members to attend Mom’s Night Out!  CVMC meets monthly for a social event to get together without the kiddos, to get to know each other, learn something new, and, most of all, have a good time.  Topics and venues change each month, and the year is loaded with fun and diverse events! Check out the calendar for the specifics.  Prospective members, please RSVP by emailing the CVMC Mom’s Night Out coordinators to let them know you are planning to check out the club during the event.

Children’s Parties

The CVMC hosts parties and events for members and their families with an emphasis on children’s entertainment and family fun. We do our best to plan parties and events that can be enjoyed by children of all ages, although some may be more suited to a specific age group. Children’s Parties are planned at least quarterly, sometimes more often.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach events are a wonderful way to give back to the community and get involved in Castro Valley. The Castro Valley Mothers Club may participate in several major annual events like CV Light Parade and the Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival, as well as smaller volunteer events throughout the year.

Book Club

Do you like to read? Well if you do, join our book club. We meet monthly and try to alternate every other month between serious and silly books. The books, meeting times, and dates are determined by those who attend the meetings. It is a laid-back setting where we spend half of the time discussing the books and half of the time just catching up while enjoying time away from the kids for a couple of hours. Some examples of past books we have read: The Mountains Echoed, Furiously Happy, The Tiger’s Wife, Toddlers are assholes; and it’s not your fault, Beautiful Ruins, The Pearl who Broke it’s Shell. Come join us! Happy Reading.

Date Night

We know it is hard to make time for your significant other while riding the roller coaster of parenthood. We plan date nights to help families carve out adult time. We can even help with getting a sitter (we have a sitter database for members), so come join us for a night out of adult conversation with your sweetie!

New Mom Coffee Connection

a standing, weekly coffee date for new moms and their infants, Thursdays at 10am at the Cannery Cafe in Hayward
We offer age-based play groups, but felt that brand new moms with tiny babies may just need something simpler - a destination, a routine, a bit of comfort in chatting with others in the same phase. That's what this is: A weekly check in for new moms and their babies. It is not a club hosted event (moms buy their own coffee), and is not limited to club members. It is a great way for a new mom to learn about the club and meet a few people. And it is also a low-stress, no-planning-needed event for current members with new babies to look forward to each week. Sip, connect, repeat. 

Moms on the Move

We all need a little motivation to take care of ourselves - it is so easy to lose focus of your own self-care while parenting.  Exercising with friends makes it easier to fit in! Come walk, jog, or run at Lake Chabot and other local outdoor destinations. This group has a CVMC FB page as well, for connecting with other exercise-motivated moms. Check the CVMC calendar for meeting details - locations and times vary to try to accommodate a broader swath of members. 

Learn & Share Speaker Series

This is a free bi-monthly event for members and potential members.  Topics vary, and may include advice and expertise about things like parenting, health, financial planning, and self-care.  Check the CVMC calendar for meeting details - locations and times vary to try to accommodate a broader swath of members.  RSVPs are required for planning purposes.