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Membership in the CVMC has many rewards. Choose to take part in as many or as few of the following activities as you wish. Or if you think other moms are interested in your favorite activity, start a sub-group of your own! Our members define the club offerings and drive all events and activities.

Current benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to age-specific play groups
  • Monthly Mom’s Night Out: no need to plan YOU time, we already do it! Come enjoy a couple of kid-free hours with other moms in the area
  • Children’s Parties for the whole family to play and meet other families
  • Date Nights: uninterrupted conversations, time away from the demands of parenthood, time to connect with your partner
  • Community involvement through volunteer opportunities and participation in local festivities
  • A fun and informal bookclub
  • Be in-the-know with our action-packed local event calendar
  • Access to a robust online community
Active CVMC members enjoy one-time and on-going perks and benefits from local businesses, including those displayed below. Proof of current membership is required.